‘Regatão do Bem’ entrega 48 toneladas de alimentos e materiais de higiene para iniciativas sociais em Manaus

‘Regatão do Bem’ entrega 48 toneladas de alimentos e materiais de higiene para iniciativas sociais em Manaus

The distribution took place between July 29 and 30 and was supported by Mercado Livre and Mercado Pago, benefiting over 8,000 people.


By Priscila Rabassa

Translated by Felipe Sá

Photo: Henrique Saunier


In the middle of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, the solidarity wave has been growing and inspiring good actions. Driven to create alternatives to help the community through this period of crisis, “Regatão do Bem”, a social initiative coordinated by Idesam, has been spreading this feeling of identification and love for others.

Therefore, on July 29th and 30th, Regatão do Bem held another social action. On the occasion, 48 tons of food, cleaning materials and hygiene products were delivered to six institutions that receive children and adolescents and support families at social risk in the city of Manaus.

The initiative was supported by Mercado Livre and Mercado Pago, one of the largest internet buying and selling platforms, which donated 2,220 baskets containing food and cleaning and hygiene products, including alcohol gel, an important item in COVID-19 prevention. The action will benefit over 8 thousand people.

The beneficiaries of the donations were O Pequeno Nazareno, Abrigo Nacer, Lar Mamãe Margarida, Abrigo Monte Salém, Lar Batista Janell Doyle and O Coração do Pai, which also assists children in the municipality of Iranduba.

The communication and marketing advisor of the Charitable Association O Pequeno Nazareno, in Manaus, Joise Caldeira, highlights the feeling of gratitude. “The solidarity of Idesam and companies like Mercado Livre and Mercado Pago will provide much joy for all of us. It is actions like this that encourage us more and more to continue the hard but rewarding work”, she says.

The 8 tons of food and hygiene and cleaning kits received by the institution will be destined to the ‘Casa Lar’, which is a welcoming space for socially vulnerable families, and to the following projects (benefiting over 450 families): “Gente Grande” (PGG, in Portuguese), “Cursos Livres em Artes de Comunicação” (CLAC, in Portuguese) and “Criança Não é de Rua”.


The “Regatão do Bem”, which has been working since May in the state of Amazonas, already has good results. Since then, it has delivered 77 tons of food and hygiene and cleaning products, and more than 3,400 security items, helping more than 20 thousand people who live in the cities of Apuí, Lábrea, Maués, Tefé, the Uatumã Sustainable Development Reserve and in the capital, Manaus.

According to Paola Bleicker, Idesam’s executive director, at this time, collaboration and united efforts mean helping to save lives.

“We are acting on all possible fronts and seeking important partnerships, such as this one with Mercado Livre and Mercado Pago, to help minimize this crisis, not only in the fight against the disease, through the donation of medicines and protection items, but also in the fight against hunger”, she says.

In order to continue the actions of Regatão do Bem, companies, institutions or individuals who want to contribute can contact our social networks on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@idesam), or make the donation directly on the link

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