Workshop reúne especialistas de várias partes do mundo

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Workshop reúne especialistas de várias partes do mundo

Experts from different parts of the world will be reunited in Amazonas during the Technical Exchange on Jurisdictional REDD+ to discuss initiatives related to emission reduction. The meeting will be held between the 13th and the 15th of June 2013 and will bring around 50 participants from 9 countries and states that are precursors in the implementation of the REDD+ programs.

The exchange is motivated by important advances and opportunities to REDD+ which have been reached in these states, in the period that precedes the regulation of a REDD+ mechanism in the Climate Convention (UNFCCC). In Brasil, for example, there are proposals and REDD+ state laws already, approved in many states, like Acre, Amazonas, Mato Grosso, Amap? and Rond?nia, while in federal level there is no approved regulation about the issue ? even though it has been discussed for 4 years by the government and law-makers.

The lack of regulation is one of the biggest gaps faced by REDD+ these days. Many questions are brought up about how to structure the programs and projects so they can fulfill the basic requirements of a global emergent market of emission reduction.

The main questions to be answered in the meeting are:

  • How to line up jurisdictional initiatives in the national systems?
  • What elements are necessary to stablish the REDD+ registration?
  • How to share the REDD+ resources among the various programs?
  • What?s the role of the REDD+ projects in the national and sub-national systems?

The event ? only for guests ? is held by Idesam (Institute for the Conservation and Sustainable Development of Amazonas), through a partnership with VCS (Voluntary Carbon Standard Association) and Ceclima (Climate Change State Center), and has the support of FAS (Sustainable Amazonas Foundation), GCF (Governors Climate and Forest Task Force), GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft f?r Internationale Zusammenarbeit) and Foundation Moore.

During the event, the experts will also discuss the possible flaws or technical problems to be solved to assure the accountability of emissions reduction that can be generated by the REDD+ National System.

Therefore, they will have the JNR (Jurisdictional and Nested REDD+) as basis, a program developed by the VCS that stablishes criteria and recommendations for the accountability of the REDD+ programs, the first the whole world to offer this kind of checking.

Among the other participant institutions there are: World Bank, BNDES, Amaz?nia Fund, ICV ? Institututo Centro da Vida, Wildlife Works, CDI ? Carbon Decisions International, FCPF, Forest Trends, Norway Embassy, Environment Ministry, International Conservation, NCRC ? Nature Conservation Research Centre, among others.