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In over 1 6 years of hard work in the Amazon, Idesam is increasingly consolidating itself as one of the most relevant and impacting non-governmental organizations, standing out in Brazil and internationally for its work with rural producers, traditional communities, riverside communities and indigenous peoples. Over this period, our work has reached about 5,000 families, distributed in 10 cities in the region.

The projects we develop encourage the search for creative solutions to social and environmental challenges that mainly impact the most vulnerable people in the forest. That is why Idesam is aware of the importance and continuously invests in field activities, research, social entrepreneurship, bioeconomy initiatives and scientific studies.

Our team – which we internally call idesanic – puts into practice projects and programs that have already yielded concrete results to the planet, whether in mitigating climate change, forest management and technologies or in sustainable rural production.

In 2021, our operations continue to mature and expand, supporting innovative businesses and startups with a positive socioenvironmental impact, one more step on the long road that we believe to be the future of the Amazon: that of a new low-carbon economy, based on valuing forest inhabitants and sustainable use of natural resources.

Our Mission

Promote the valorization and sustainable use of natural resources in the Amazon and seek alternatives for environmental conservation, social development and mitigation of climate change.

Our Vision

Be an International reference institution in “innovative, effective and replicable socio-environmental solutions for the consolidation of a new low-carbon economy based on the valorization and sustainable use of natural resources”.

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