fesPIM coloca bioeconomia na pauta de investidores

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fesPIM coloca bioeconomia na pauta de investidores

In all, over 50 projects that stimulate the economic use of biodiversity are already registered in the PPBioeconomia


By Idesam (with Karol Barbosa)

Translated by Felipe Sá

Photo: Henrique Saunier


Idesam participated in the first Sustainability Fair of Manaus’ Industrial Hub (fesPIM) this Thursday (28) presenting the operation and partial results of the Bio-Economy Priority Program Projects Database (PPBioeconomia) to institutes, companies and investors. PPBioeconomia has already received the registration of 50 projects and the meeting served to clarify the main doubts about the possibilities of investments in Research and Development (R&D).

On the occasion, Idesam’s technical director, Carlos Koury, presented one result of the initiatives registered in the Database and that may receive investments in the future to develop solutions for the sustainable economic use of our natural wealth.

Up to now, projects have already been submitted in the areas of biotechnology, waste treatment, biocosmetics, food, construction and others. The presentation of PPBioeconomia’s projects during FesPIM was the result of a partnership between Idesam, the Amazon Biotechnology Center (CBA) and the State Secretariat for Economic Development, Science, Technology and Innovation (Sedecti). The Bio-Economy Projects Database aims to obtain financial incentives to develop and leverage a sustainable grassroots economy in the Amazon region.

According to Koury, the idea is to assist innovative projects of processes, products and services related to the bio-economy. “We can both enhance production chains and provide them with technologies, support business incubation centers and socioenvironmental businesses”, he mentions.

Koury explains that the funds come from companies that develop or produce computer and automation goods and services, which under the Informatics Law (Lei da Informática) are required to invest 5% of their gross revenues in R&D activities.

In addition to presenting PPBioeconomia, 17 project proponents that are already registered were able to participate in a Bio-Economics Business Connection Round, exchanging knowledge with investors. The meeting also provided an opportunity for research institutes, incubation centers and companies interested in investing in these projects to exchange information and strengthen possible future partnerships.

Held on the 27th, 28th and 29th, fesPIM aims to show the importance of the Manaus’ Industrial Hub for Brazil’s economic development and the correct use of natural resources.

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