Idesam recebe doação da banda norte-americana ‘Animal Collective’

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Idesam recebe doação da banda norte-americana ‘Animal Collective’

Part of the revenue from their digital EP ‘Meeting Waters’ – released in 2017 with Amazonian sounds – was converted into a donation to support the conservation activities of the institute.


By Henrique Saunier and Samuel Simões Neto
Translated by Fernanda Barbosa and Felipe Sá
With information from Animal Collective


Idesam’s partnership with the experimental rock band Animal Collective celebrated a year since the release of the EP ‘Meeting of the Waters’, which had a share of its sales reverted to the institute. Partially recorded in Amazonas, the project is available on major music platforms. It also became a documentary produced by Viceland, and concerts in three major Brazilian capitals in the second half of the year are already scheduled.

During the expeditions to capture the Amazon atmosphere in their EP, Brian Weltz (also known as Geologist), one of the founders of the group, revealed that it was an old dream to record inside the forest, as he tells in the documentary that was recorded during the trip. In the four songs of the album it is possible to notice the influence that the sounds of the river, of an indigenous ritual of the Tatuyo indigenous group and of an anaconda had in the creative process.

“The forest has been destroyed at a rate of one hectare per second, the equivalent of one soccer field per day. Part of the reason for our visit was also to understand how this is happening to a forest of more than 55 million years old, which houses 10% of all living species of animals and provides 20% of the Earth’s oxygen”, explains the musician, in the series of videos directed by Meredith Danluck.

The trip also had the support of an Amazonian guide who took the band to forest areas within the Metropolitan Region of Manaus, as well as a biologist from the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), who specialized in the sounds of Amazonian animals.

It is not the first time that the group converts its profits to social causes. In the same year, two live albums had their sales destined to American organizations that fight for LGBTs rights.

In their official Instagram account (@anmlcollective), the band wrote about the work done in the Amazon and highlighted the importance of supporting institutions that work with forest conservation. “It was an incredible experience to collect sounds and make music in the middle of the forest. These habitats are crucial to the survival of the planet. By supporting this release [of the album] you will also be helping a good cause”, they wrote on the publication.

For Idesam’s institutional manager, Paola Bleicker, the initiative had a significant contribution to the work of the organization. “[The donation] was essential for the execution of our actions and will have positive impacts on the communities benefited directly and indirectly by the work of Idesam”, completes Bleicker.


Concerts in Brasil

Animal Collective’s next Brazilian tour is scheduled for August and will go through Belo Horizonte, Porto Alegre and São Paulo. The tour was announced after a mobilization of Brazilian fans on the internet.

The band’s formation varies and changes according to the artists’ participation in the album. Predominantly, the artists Geologist (Brian Weltz), Sonny Diperri, Avey Tare and Panda Bear are part of the group. Tare and Panda Bear will perform in Brazil, presenting the songs from the EP “Sung Tongs”.

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