We are changing our e-mails. Update your contacts!

We are changing our e-mails. Update your contacts!


By: Press Office


As of June 2022, all institutional e-mail addresses of Idesam’s team with the extension ‘’ will be permanently deactivated. Instead, the extension ‘’ (without the ‘.br’ extension) will be used. The modification is due to an internal tool shift for the use of e-mails and other digital and remote management tools.

This reflects a change made years ago, when Idesam’s institutional website also removed the ‘.br’ from its extension.

During the transition period to the new extension (from April to June), it is recommended to save the new e-mails in your contacts, or update the existing ones. This reduces the risk of important messages falling into anti-spam and/or promotion filters. Therefore, it is recommended that this change is made as soon as possible.


Besides individual e-mails, in the format or, the Institute has some e-mails for relationships with the community in general: – For questions, suggestions and general matters of the civil society; – For issues related to disclosures made and also requests for images, general information, and press relations; – For issues related to the Amaz – Idesam’s Impact Accelerator (Amaz Aceleradora de Impacto do Idesam), business calls, mentorships, acceleration, among others; – Issues and negotiations related to Idesam’s role as coordinator of the Bioeconomy Priority Program (Programa Prioritário de Bioeconomia); – For donations and institutional partnerships that involve financial donation to the institute; – For submitting resumes and portfolios to Idesam’s talents and suppliers database.

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