Idesam e FARM fecham parceria para plantar cinco mil árvores na Amazônia

Idesam e FARM fecham parceria para plantar cinco mil árvores na Amazônia

Apuí, a municipality in the South of the Amazonas state, is one of the deforestation frontiers in the Amazon and was chosen as one of the sites where the plantings from ‘Clube FARM’ memberships will take place.


With information from FARM
Translated by Felipe Sá
Photo: Release/Portal Ecoera


On the occasion of the Arbor Day, celebrated in Brazil on September 21st , Idesam and the clothing brand FARM closed a partnership that seeks to plant over five thousand native trees in the South of Amazonas, specifically in Apuí, one of the municipalities that suffer most with deforestation in the region. With the launch of ‘Clube FARM’, the brand starts to offer the planting of a tree seedling to each client who becomes member of their advantages club for only R$ 10.00 a month.

The monthly subscription will also benefit the recovery of an urban forest in São Paulo through SOS Mata Atlântica Foundation, adding up to 10 thousand trees planted in both the Amazon and Atlantic Forest biomes in the first year of the club.

Specifically in Amazonas, the partnership with Idesam envisages the reforestation of degraded areas in the South of the state, through the planting of native trees along with coffee in Agroforestry Systems (SAFs). The chosen region was the Juma Settlement Project, in Apuí, an area of 25 thousand square meters, where local families will be benefited.

“We are genuinely happy to partner with FARM, because besides the direct benefits of the plantings to local communities, we hope to connect Brazilians to the Amazon a little more”, says Mariano Cenamo, Idesam’s senior researcher.

In addition to recovering natural forests and protecting the environment, FARM’s advantages club will offer discounts on the entire collection (to those who sign on the day of launch), preview of pieces from collections to be released and a selection of exclusive products, among other benefits.

“This is another important step we take in our commitment to the restoration and recovery of Brazilian biodiversity, which both inspires and makes us happy. The recovery of our soil, fauna and flora must be a commitment of all. Why not a commitment of fashion also?”, highlights Kátia Barros, FARM’s founding partner and creative director.

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