‘Regatão do Bem’ ultrapassa a marca de 29 toneladas de mantimentos entregues a famílias carentes do Amazonas

‘Regatão do Bem’ ultrapassa a marca de 29 toneladas de mantimentos entregues a famílias carentes do Amazonas

The initiative strengthens solidarity with people in vulnerable situations and therefore more exposed to the new coronavirus.


By Priscila Rabassa
Translated by Felipe Sá
Photo: Disclosure


So far, Regatão do Bem, a social action coordinated by Idesam, has supported 67 communities in the state of Amazonas, distributing 29,070 kilos of food and hygiene and safety kits, benefiting over 11,000 people.

The action aims to support families in situations of social vulnerability generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and has relied on the solidarity and mobilization of companies and institutional partners, who are helping to fight the disease with donations of materials and services.

Inspired by such solidarity, União Amazonas joined Regatão do Bem and collected 1.15 ton of food, which resulted in the purchase of 100 basic food baskets, that will be delivered to families in need, benefiting about 400 people in Manaus.

União Amazonas is an organization that brings together volunteers from civil society groups in the state that collect and distribute food to people most affected by the pandemic. The organization is part of União BR, a movement that operates nationwide and brings together more than 10 Brazilian states for a single purpose: to save lives.

“We believe in the work done by Idesam and its projects aimed at improving people’s quality of life. Therefore, seeing the current situation of our state, where the COVID-19 rates are high, it makes perfect sense to support Regatão do Bem”, says Cláudio Soares, representative of União Amazonas.

According to Idesam’s executive director, Paola Bleicker, this is the time to join efforts and show solidarity to assist those most in need.

“We are in permanent contact with companies, institutions and members of civil society that want to support the communities most exposed to the new coronavirus, just as União Amazonas and other Idesam’s partners did. This joint effort is fundamental to try to reduce the difficulties that many families are facing at this difficult time”, she highlights.

Also, according to the director, the distribution of supplies is scheduled to take place next week, prioritizing families that are in a situation of social vulnerability.

“This week we will identify the families eligible to receive the assistance. The mapping is being carried out by the team of “Mudadores de Rua”, a non-profit social action group from Manaus. We are also planning the delivery logistics as soon as possible”, she says.


Individuals or companies can contribute with cash or food donations, safety items (masks, face shields and alcohol gel) and cleaning products. The kits are composed of items from the food basket as known in Brazil, such as rice, beans, pasta, sugar, flour, salt, oil, coffee and milk powder, for example. In addition, families receive hygiene and cleaning products such as sanitary water, soap bars, disinfectant, toilet paper and alcohol gel.

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