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Present at the various scales, IDESAM always seeks to contribute to the debates bringing a complete view of those who work on both an international and local scale. We consider participation in forums and working groups essential for the development of public policies that contribute effectively to mitigating climate change and preserving forests. The Institute also participates in deliberative councils in order to use the experience of the Institute’s professionals in making decisions in the places in question.


  • Deliberative Council of the Uatumã RDS (AM)
  • Municipal Council for Sustainable Rural Development of Apuí (AM)
  • Manaus (AM) Municipal Development Council
  • Porto Velho (RO) Climate Change Forum and Committee

  • CEMAAM – State Environmental Council of Amazonas
  • CPOrg – Amazonas State Organic Committee
  • FAMC – Amazonian Climate Change Forum
IDESAM is deeply engaged in the construction and development of the Amazonian Climate Change Forum, which was foreseen in the State Policy on Climate Change (2007) and officially created in December 2009. The Forum brings together several organizations from the governmental, non-governmental and private sectors , with the objective of discussing and proposing public actions and policies related to the theme of climate change within three main axes: (i) Land Use, Forests and Environmental Services, (ii) Energy, (iii) Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation.
  • ABC Program Steering Committee – Low Carbon Agriculture
  • Committee for the Prevention and Combat of Fires in Amazonas
  • Forum to Combat the Use of Pesticides
  • Steering Committee of the Sustainable Municipalities Program

  • Mosaic Apuí Deliberative Council
  • Green Card Movement
  • ORMM – Observatory of the Metropolitan Region of Manaus
  • Forum about BR-319

  • FSC Brasil Steering Committee
  • Climate Observatory
  • REDD + Observatory
  • Partners for the Amazon Platform
  • CONAREDD+ – National REDD + Commission
  • RECAM – Amazon Training Network
Created in late 2013, the Amazon Training Network – Recam is a collaborative initiative of socioenvironmental organizations working in the Amazon promoting training as a pillar to strengthen social, environmental and economic management at the municipal level. One of the main bottlenecks for a change in direction in the development model of Amazonian municipalities is the technical and administrative fragility of municipal managers. Reflecting the lack of investment in local environmental management, it ends up reflecting on the low capacity of environmental agencies, at the municipal level.
In this context, Recam emerges with the objective of strengthening and scaling up initiatives that aim to qualify human and social capital in municipalities in the Amazon, facilitating and expanding the debate on sustainable local development. The network’s objective is to encourage the construction of knowledge and the development of capacities, attitudes and behaviors necessary for the performance of competencies that strengthen municipal socio-environmental governance.

  • IUCN – International Union for Nature Conservation
  • Technical Advisory Panel of the Carbon Fund (World Bank)
  • Readiness for REDD + Forum
  • GCF – Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force
  • ARA – Amazon Regional Articulation

IDESAM is one of the institutions that make up the Articulación Regional Amazônica – ARA, a network created in 2007, in São Paulo, by organizations from Amazonian countries, with the objective of discussing and combating the factors that contribute to deforestation in the Amazon. it is a network that seeks to contribute to reducing deforestation and promoting the sustainable use of biodiversity in the Amazon. It comprises more than 30 local organizations.

Idesam acts as coordinator of the working group on climate change and environmental services, within the theme “New Forest Economies”, which has focused its efforts on the discussion of proposals related to the reduction of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD +). Between June 2010 and May 2011, a study was carried out under the coordination of Idesam, EcoDecisions and the Peruvian Society of Derecho Ambiental (SPDA), to analyze forest governance policies, pilot projects and readiness strategies for REDD + in the nine countries that make up the Amazon Basin. The publication resulting from this study is available in the digital library of IDESAM.

  • UNFCCC – UN Convention on Climate Change



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