(English) Partnership encourages Ecotourism with “carbon neutral” stamp

(English) Partnership encourages Ecotourism with “carbon neutral” stamp

From September this year, a partnership between IDESAM’s Carbon Neutral Project (PCN) and the tourism company Tropical Tree Climbing, will allow tourists to visit the Amazon more sustainably. When making a reservation on the TTC website, travelers may opt to neutralize emissions from the hostel lodging, in the city of Presidente Figueiredo (AM), and from the transport to the forest. he transport and accomodation emissions for the adventurers will be compensated through the planting of Agroforestry Systems

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(SAF) in the Uatumã Reserve, where the Carbon Neutral Project has been operating since 2010. According to Pedro Soares, coordinator of the PCN, one of the objectives of the partnership is to reinforce the idea of carbon neutralization. “With this partnership we want to make visitors aware of the importance of conscientious and low impact tourism,

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as well as extend the benefits to the residents of the Uatumã Sustainable Development Reserve, where the compensated seedlings will be planted”, he highlights. Learn how the Carbon Neutral Reforestation Program is carried out Specializing in recreational tree climbing in the Amazon, the TTC’s audience appreciates the Amazon’s ecosystem, wildlife and outdoor activities. Therefore, the partnership between the IDESAM and the TCC not only addresses the needs of nature lovers, but also meets the growing demand for “carbon zero” travel, trying to encourage conscientious tourism. “Our public is quite conscientious and there has been this demand for a long time. With this initiative, we can also make other people aware of the importance that this act”, explains Vanessa Marino, TTC’s administrative director and co-founder. She highlights that the next step will be to include a tool on the company’s website where the traveller can follow the results of their emissions neutralization through the PCN. Carbon neutralization is a world trend, tourists are learning and are asking more and more questions about the consequences of each stage of their journey “, she adds.

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