Institucional Report 2021


Institucional Report 2021

THE EXERCISE OF LOOKING to the path travelled in the challenging year of 2021 reinforces Idesam’s desire to keep on fighting for the Amazon integrity and create connections that can contribute to a fairer and more sustainable society. It is rewarding to have come this far certain that the development model, aligned with the territory’s singularity, makes it possible to transform utopia into reality. A model that respects rights and takes the traditional people’s relevance into consideration. Idesam aims to follow the mission to mobilize people, companies and governments with this sentiment. The journey of almost two decades fostering a new economy for Amazonia inspires the organization to innovate and redesign the desired change for the future. This report reconfirms Idesam’s pact of transparency and brings a portrait of the institutional strengthening of the organization via projects developed and brought to action in the vulnerable regions in Amazonia. This construction happens in network and with the community. The idesanic connection with Amazonia goes beyond the territorial borders as it is founded on respect, inclusion and continuous learning. These are results of the local and national socioenvironmental impact backed up by the conservation of forests, culture and life itself. The next pages reflect our biggest pride: our own journey.


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