Pearl Jam compensa emissões de turnê brasileira na RDS do Uatumã

Pearl Jam compensa emissões de turnê brasileira na RDS do Uatumã

With information from Pearl Jam
Translated by Felipe Sá


Since 2003, Pearl Jam dedicates part of its profits to the compensation of CO2 from their tours around the world. In 2018, a new partnership with Conservation International chose Idesam to compensate 2.500 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emitted during their performances in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in the Uatumã Sustainable Development Reserve (RDS).

The calculated carbon is related to air and ground transportation of the band’s  members and team, hotel stays, as well as the carbon footprint of the fans who attend to concerts.

“As a band, it’s important for us to recognize the ​environmental ​impact ​of our tours ​and do what we can to ​mitigate that,” said ​Pearl Jam’s ​Stone Gossard in their official website.

Following Idesam’s Carbon Neutral  Program working line, the compensation will happen through the planting of new trees in agroforestry systems in the Uatumã RDS. The investment will benefit 27 families from the reserve, creating jobs in all of the steps of the compensation, from seed collection, through production and planting, to tree monitoring.

“This Amazonia Live project is exciting because it helps to offset the CO2 we will emit with our Brazilian tour dates, while providing local employment and food security opportunities”, Gossard completes.

To Pedro Soares, Climate Change and REDD+ project manager at Idesam, a partnership with a band like Pearl Jam is extremely valuable so that more people get to understand the importance of fighting climate change. “The debate on climate change still is far away from people’s day to day. We hope that this opportunity will help spread a sense of responsibility towards the Planet”, he says.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Pearl Jam in protecting the Amazon and spreading the message of its significance well beyond its borders”, states Rodrigo Medeiros, Conservation International Brazil vice-president.


About Carbon Neutral Program

Idesam’s Carbon Neutral Program (PCN, in portuguese) is an initiative that seeks to connect large urban centers to forests, allowing persons, companies and other initiatives to compensate their environmental impacts.

Planting Agroforestry Systems (SAFs, in Portuguese) in the Uatumã RDS, PCN supports the recovery of areas that were degraded by conventional agriculture practices.

The cropping pattern adopted in the plantings, which is based on the association of forest and agricultural species, contributes to create an alternative income and to promote food security to the families that live in the reserve.


Long-standing partnership

Since 2000, Pearl Jam and Conservation International are partners in carbon mitigation initiatives. In 2012, Pearl Jam became the first carbon neutral band in the world. In 2015, they compensated the CO2 produced during their Latin America and USA tours investing in the Alto Mayo Project, of Conservation International in Peru, and in the Valparaíso Amazon Forest Project, of CarbonFundBrasil.

The compensation of the Brazilian concerts in 2018 is part of an initiative called “Amazonia Live”, the result of a partnership between Conservation International, the Brazilian Ministry of Environment, Global Environment Fund (GEF), World Bank, Brazilian Fund for Biodiversity (Funbio), Socio-environmental Institute (ISA) and Rock in Rio.

Amazonia Live is a socio-environmental initiative of Rock in Rio, which aims to plant 73 million trees on 30.000 hectares by 2023. The initiative wants to help Brazil move towards fulfilling its commitment made in the Paris Agreement to restore 12 million hectares by 2030.

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